The Spirit of Christmas History

The Spirit of Christmas started as a shop in Brisbane 2009 which was run by Dennis Stevenson.

The  original Brisbane shop has inspired various cities across the globe to open a Spirit of Christmas shop including New York, Burleigh and now Wangaratta!

 In 2014 we gave out a staggering 11000 presents surpassing the 2013 total of 6,000.We hope for many more in 2015.

About the creator of The Spirit of Christmas : Dennis.

Dennis’s first major appearance of giving things away was back in 2008, when one day he opened up his house and gave everything inside it away. When asked why in an interview all he said was “The best way to answer that is, ‘Why not?'”.

The next year he borrowed a shop and asked the community to donate anything they didn’t use or want, that was in reasonable condition, so that he may give it away for people who are in need of gifts for christmas.
He decided to spread the happiness of the people who received gifts by opening a shop yearly and is planning to do them for as long as he can. Well done Dennis you are a true champion.

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