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Wangaratta District Specialist School students and staff have been influenced by Dennis Stevenson’s work in Brisbane to create a Spirit of Christmas shop in Wangaratta in 2013.

With the help of the community we hope to provide the less fortunate of our community with a sprinkling of Christmas spirit. Using a Spirit of Christmas shop to donate gifts to those who may get little to no presents at Christmas time. The Centre’s Workplace Learning Coordinator Shane Crispin became aware of their idea and decided to join the initiative, from this a committee has been formed.

Committee members include  Jo Maples  & Shane Crispin  The Centre , Suzie Quartermaine  & Leticia Bell Community Wonders,  Rosie O’Brien and Rose Couttie WDSS and Meg Volk GOTAFE Wangaratta bring to the project a wealth of community capacity building , purposeful passion and project skills  which will be shared with the students

The VCAL students bring to the project a desire to help others , a capacity to learn and engage with their community in a positive manner.The students as they progress with this project will develop their work related , personal development  and partnership skills towards achieving their foundation level Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) qualification .

To date the students have completed marketing components of the project , a code of conduct & vision statement ,   are developing their skills in making gifts and exploring fundraising options for the Spirit of Christmas Wangaratta shop.

Click the image below to see our ‘Code of Conduct’:
Spirit of Christmas - Code of Conduct

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